The growing challenges of data complexity, availability and uncertainty vary according to the E, D&P stages. This research theme addresses these challenges by focusing on R&D of:


Interactive data visualization (i.e. techniques for visualizing 2D, 3D and high-dimensional reservoir data and models) and analytics (i.e. analytical reasoning about the reservoir data), both facilitated by interactive visual interfaces.


Integrated visualization & visual analytics techniques, establishing a coherent workflow through complex processes, indicating the level of uncertainty in a range of features, visually highlighting data interpretations as well as anomales

Selected Projects w/ RT-2 as the primary Research Theme

Industry data are exponentially increasing in volume and complexity, representing diverse information, high dimensionality and varying levels of uncertainty. The data are acquired and structured at different stages of exploration, development and production (E, D&P) (Fig 1 and Fig 2), in different modalities, or types (e.g. grids, surfaces, volume data, point clouds) and scales, based on the various data sources. We focus on R&D of two main categories of projects:


Interactive Visualization of Reservoir Geology & Dynamics.
We focus on R&D of interactive reservoir visualization tools for E, D&P tasks to improve the understanding of how geological heterogeneities impact the flow behavior in petroleum reservoirs, with particular interest on carbonate reservoirs. Their characterization is associated with (1) a high degree of uncertainty, due to complex lithology, structure, pore network, and multi-scale heterogeneities; and (2) datasets from multiple sources such as seismic, wire-line logs, borehole imaging, petrophysics, well-tests, core analysis, multiple reservoir flow simulations, and outcrop analogue information.


Interactive Visual Analytics of High-Dimensional E, D&P Data. We focus R&D of interactive visual analytics tools for E, D&P tasks involving high-dimensional industry datasets - i.e., large number of data samples, in which each individual sample contains dozens or hundreds of attributes. Analysis of high-dimensional data typically takes the form of extracting and enabling interactive, exploratory visualization of correlations between data samples, discovering meaningful information in data, clustering data samples, and finding efficient representations of clustered data, classification and event association. Our projects and case-studies involve three categories of E, D&P industry data resulting from:

  • numerical simulations -- selected case-studies include reservoir simulation data, including post-processing, history matching, and geological modeling for flow simualtion case studies);
  • observed & processed data -- selected case-study include microseismic event monitoring data;
  • existing databases -- selected case-study include petrographic datasets from large petrological databases.

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