Multi-Scale Visual Processing of Geologic Features

In Prog.

The quantification of geologic risk, uncertainty and optimization of hydrocarbon recovery are of paramount importance in the oil & gas industry. For improved quantification, modern geoscientists rely heavily on multi-scale and multi-physics numerical simulations of geological processes. One of the biggest challenges in designing process-based simulations is the meshing of complex geobody geometries observed in the seismic or of idealized structural scenarios discussed in workrooms. In this project, we developed workflows for efficient creation and meshing of some commonly observed but challenging structural geological scenarios which will be used as templates in geomechanical scenario modeling. In addition, we developed a preliminary workflow for creating 3D unstructured fault meshes from line interpretations of real-world seismic data thereby facilitating fast creation of Mechanical Earth Models as a powerful risking tool in O&G exploration.